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When you join WELLTHY you become part of an international network of individuals, professionals, business leaders and practitioners. We are more than an educational organization. Members become a part of an inspirational platform for exploring and embracing breakthroughs for human longevity. 

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Health & Wellness can be confusing but our online education platform and marketplace make it easy for members to gain the confidence to improve their health with the latest, scientifically and medically validated information.  Our team of expert instructors have decades of successful wellness experience and can get you up to speed and on your way quickly.  The information will provide you with important health, longevity and antiaging strategies for today and tomorrow.

Wellthy Educator Jimm Harrison, master essential oil formulator

Featured Educators:

JIMM HARRISON is a master aromatherapist with a background unlike any other expert in the field. Jimm has 30 years of extensive experience in botanical health and natural beauty, specializing in the therapeutic use of essential oils. His key areas of expertise include product development, formulation, education, and essential oil project management.


Learn from Master Formulator, Jimm Harrison, who provides an introduction to the world of therapeutic essential oils in this presentation. Get it FREE.

RED LIGHT MASTERCLASS – How to Use Red Light Therapy for Cellular Health with health and Red Light expert, Charlie Piermarini, PA-C, MSPAS, MS, MPH, CHC. Register for the Red Light Masterclass for right now.

Personal Health

Healthy people feel better and perform better at work and in life. Yet, most struggle to prioritize personal health. At Wellthy, we empower people, with access to the latest medically and scientifically validated online health classes that lead to peak performance, improved relationships and a better life.


Part of being WELLTHY is living your best life today.  Mastering your wellness and owning your health is where you are going and our membership, education, mentorship and other programs will guide you along your journey.

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We all want to look and feel better so this is an important focus here.  Yes, lifespan is important but more important is the quality of your time here on earth.  The WELLTHY team delivers exceptional content, courses and products to help you on your journey.  When you look good, it’s easier to feel good and each decision you make every day has an impact on your life.

Wellthy Alumni Stories

I came, joined and my life has changed for the better.  I mean really changed.  I better understand what I want, need and how to get it and I’m on my way to being Wellthy today!  Thank you Wellthy.

Marissa James

Account Manager, Global Associates, Inc.

I am finally investing in my personal health and with Wellthy, I feel confident about all of the positive changes that I have been learning about.  I also feel like I am part of the Wellthy family too.

Jingie Lowell

CEO, 1st America




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