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Featured Events:

Balance & Strengthen your Immunity – MASTERCLASS

Get Access to our Immunity Boosting Masterclass to help you optimize your health and beat the Coronavirus.  Our instructor, Natural Health Expert, Karol Schuyler, RN, will guide you through the science behind the most important immunity-boosting strategies to get and keep you healthy.  Karol will take you through each step of the ladder to health.  Watch the Immunity Boosting Masterclass for FREE right now HERE.


Create Your Vision Board for Success –  MASTERCLASS

Get Immediate Access to our step by step method to create your vision board for your future.  Our instructor, Vision Board Expert, Denise Riley, will guide you through the science behind the incredible success when using Vision Boards to bring your dreams, goals and vision to life.  Used by people like Oprah, Michael Phelps and John Assaraf, Vision Boards and their use can transform your life and help you achieve your goals and dreams.  Watch the Vision Board Masterclass for FREE right now HERE. 


Personal & Business Goal Setting for 2021 –  MASTERCLASS

You have the opportunity to create an amazing 2021.  In this LIVE MASTERCLASS, we will share the top Goal Setting strategies that high-performers, business leaders, Olympic athletes, and some of the most successful people in the world use to achieve their goals and achieve transformation in their life.  

We will break down step-by-step how to make your New Year Resolutions “Quit Proof” and entirely painless.  Here’s what you’ll learn…

  • The Power of No – How to say NO and clear important mind space to spend time on the most important priorities
  • Gain Clarity – Focus on your next steps toward accomplishing what matters most—and the courage you need to take massive action
  • One Thing to Make You 50% MORE Successful – This ONE strategy will instantly make you 50% more likely to accomplish your goals
  • It’s YOUR Time – How to “Quit-Proof” your goals to ensure 2021 is the year you finally cross that big one off your list
  • Eliminate Procrastination – A simple but powerful principle that will enable you to defeat procrastination once and for all

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Interested in getting in front of over 10,000 Wellness Industry players?

Apply to speak to WELLTHY’S 5000+ Alumni plus an additional 5000 WELLTHY Stakeholders!  Share your  Industry or Wellness expertise with more than 10,000 retailers, doctors/nurses/wellness pros and other industry leaders.

Are you a leader in your industry? Have you written a book you’d like to talk about?* (*or contact us if you’d like help writing a book), are you a medical or wellness specialist? Do you have a business that targets wellness companies? IF SO, contact us so we can talk about what kind of a class, workshop or webinar would be right for you.

Here are Some of our Expert Instructors & Speakers

Karol Schuyler, RN Wellthy Immunity and nutrition expert

Karol Schuyler, RN, MMT

Uncovering the underlying issues of dis-ease is often not the focus of the Western symptom-based medical system. The root cause of underlying conditions is never defined. Karol Schuyler (a Certified Functional Wellness Coach) is a leader in the growing group of medical practitioners who understand the need to look at failing health from various perspectives and modalities – not just one. Karol has been trained on how to unravel and make sense of a complicated story. A functional medicine practitioner, an RN, a healthcare educator and coach, a medical massage therapist, and an experienced herbalist – Karol is a life-long, transformational therapist who has a consuming desire to stay current with emerging disciplines and natural remedies, which she evaluates with a stringent scientific eye. She is respected by many physicians as a credible, medical Massage Therapist, CBD Consultant, Natural Wellness coach, and is currently completing a Naturopathic Medical Degree.   www.palmasolatherapies.com

Rick Diamond Wellthy founder

Rick Diamond

Rick Diamond is the Founder of WELLTHY where he works with an amazing team of educators focused on teaching Health & Wealth.  Wellthy, like the CBD Training Academy is part of Icann Ventures.  He has been the CEO of 3 healthcare tech startups and was cofounder and CEO of a leading training company that he built and sold. He is also an advisor to many wellness startups through the Founders Accelerator Program. The mission of WELLTHY is to train 10,000 Wellness Professionals and to help 100 million people around the world to improve their health and wellness through the company’s educational platform.

Denise Riley Wellthy vision board expert

Denise Riley

Denise Riley is the founder and CEO of The Core Empowerment, where she leads a team that is committed to the expansion and success of entrepreneurs around the world.  They help develop the habits to bring business leaders happiness and success in life and business.  Pulling all her experiences together and seeing a critical need across several different networks, she developed and hosts vision board workshops through her online platform. Denise has her own 7-Step Method with interactive exercises and components that ensure that her clients achieve their goals and vision.  She also is a member of the faculty at Icann Wellness, the leader in education about peak performance.  After getting her Cosmetology license and working at a high-end spa and then a full-service salon, Ms. Riley started and ran her own successful salon.  While running her salon, she also developed and launched an innovative eye-lash training course offered both online and in person. Denise lives in Oregon with her two beautiful girls where they love to connect with Mother Nature as often as possible.  She also is a member of The Ultimate Game of Life, a global network of thought leaders striving to be Happy, Healthy & Wealthy.