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Used by Oprah, Michael Phelps, John Assaraf and many more!

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After registering, you’ll get access to our Goal Setting System and you will have a front row Zoom seat in our 4 hour, hands-on Virtual Summit hosted by Rick Diamond.  After upgrading, you will also get access to a Members Area with the full course – 4 hours of Training videos after the Virtual Summit plus: 

  • Includes all future updates and additions to the system.
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  • How you can take the power of your goal setting system with you anywhere you go. 
  • 5 Minute daily practice that will launch your success.  
  • Library of images for you to use when building your Goals.
  • Anchor Method to bring your desires into reality.  
  • One on One consultation with Rick Diamond to review your Goals.
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  1. 30 Day Gratitude Journal ($29.99)
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1. Free webinar

You took the first step and watched our Vision Board Masterclass where Denise led you through the science of using vision boards, examples of success and the step by step process to get you started the right way.  You now have a limited offer to  upgrade to our Virtual Summit.

3. Success secrets

During the Virtual Summit and after, Denise will share a series of strategies that will help you to bring your personal vision, goals and dreams to life.  The System works if it’s used the right way in the right order and Denise will give you the keys to unlock the power of your Vision Board.

2. virtual summit

Get ready for a life-transforming 6 hour, hands on workshop where Denise will guide you through the process of actually creating your own personalized Vision Board.  Then she will reveal the most important secrets about how to actually bring your vision to life through her tried and true exercises and strategies.

The vision board I made from your class two years ago, literally every single part of it had a huge shift. I created one last year without as much focus and intention. Jeff and I did a whole weekend away together where we did a full couples evaluation, set intentions and each created a board from what I learned from your class.

Shonna Edwards

The class was extremely valuable and I came away with a concrete understanding of how to prepare for a vision board. Denise’s focus on specifics during the discovery made focus made it a repeatable process.

Jason Aptekar

Denise’s Vision Board Class was in a word, Great!  Very informative, forward-thinking and thorough.  Denise’s passion goes beyond the class but for life as well.  What a way to get your thoughts on the path.


Creating a vision board with Denise was such a powerful and multi-dimensional experience! Somehow I had lost touch with my dreams and had no vision for my future. Previously goal setting experiences had left me feeling disappointed and jaded. Denise Guided me to reconnect with the lost part of myself, my inner dreamer… this experience is so special to me and I am absolutely delighted every time I look at my vision board and noticed how more and more aspects of it are manifesting in my life. Denise really has a gift as a guide and holds beautiful sacred space!

Melissa Tugman-Glenn