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Learn the latest strategies to improve your personal and business health with our expert instructors.  Join others on your journey to become your best self and to grow your business.


WELLTHY Members become part of a select group of people on a journey of positive forward progress and can leverage the value of our international network to accelerate their success. 

Webinars, Workshops

WELLTHY offers a full schedule of webinars, workshops, virtual summits, masterclasses, masterminds and conferences.  These online trainings are delivered through Zoom.

Grow your business

WELLTHY also provides actionable knowledge to help accelerate your business growth.  Some topics include: email, social media, seo, affiliate, customer experience, PR and other sales & marketing topics.

Take a class & Become a Member

When you join WELLTHY you become part of an international network of professionals, business leaders and practitioners. We are more than an educational organization. Members become a part of an inspirational platform for personal & business growth.  You’ll get instant access to a library of courses from the best and brightest instructors,  a complimentary invitation to our live Masterclasses, access to our Member’s Only Facebook Group, Educational Newsletter, One-on-One and Group Meetings and so much more. 

Join for FREE Today and Get Access to one of our Amazing courses, a $200 value – Our Gift to You to Get You Started on Your WELLTHY Journey

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Wellthy Vision Board Blueprint
essential oils for immunity
how to improve sleep and recovery course wellthy
How to use Supplements for Longevity
The Human Virome

Learn from the best Educators

You are here for a reason.  It’s your time.  You are ready to be your BEST self and WELLTHY is the catalyst to get you there.  We are more than an amazing educational platform with the latest personal & business health strategies….we are your new family, team and tribe to work with you to get you to where you want and deserve to be.

Optimize your life & Business with wellthy

Health & Wellness can be confusing but our online education platform makes it easy for people to gain the confidence to improve their health with the latest, scientifically validated information.  Our team of expert instructors have decades of successful wellness experience and can get you up to speed and on your way quickly.  The information provided here is 3rd party verified and will provide you with important health & business building strategies for the today and tomorrow.

Free courses

Healthy people feel better and perform better at work and in life. Yet, most struggle to prioritize personal health. At Wellthy, we empower people, with free access to the latest medically and scientifically validated online health classes that lead to peak performance, improved relationships and a better life.

Premium courses

Our premium courses give you a deeper dive on topics that will improve your wellness, health and longevity.  Get the indepth knowledge on the most important topics that deliver real results when it comes to your health.  Our expert educators provide you with the tools, knowledge and step by step guide to live longer, happier, healthier lives.

business courses

Our business courses are focused on accelerating the startup process, sales and marketing to grow your business and are taught by real-world business leaders, located across the globe, who inspire and engage learners.  Learn from these best-in-class instructors across a broad and deep learning library to take your wellness business to the next level.


I came, joined and my life has changed for the better.  I mean really changed.  I better understand what I want, need and how to get it and I’m on my way to being Wellthy today!  Thank you Wellthy.

Marissa James

I have read lots of books, been to seminars and had not made the kind of progress I wanted until now.  Thanks to WELLTHY, I have gotten into the best shape of my life and my business has grown even during this crazy down economy and pandemic.  I couldn’t be happier.

Stefan Herdmann

Time is all we have and I have wasted so much time trying different strategies.  Once I became a WELLTHY Member, my efforts got laser focused and I started to accomplish more and more of my goals.  I also learned how to say NO to most everything, giving me more time.

Dani Howe

Is WELLTHY membership available to people anywhere?

Yes, we are available 24x7x365, online in each and every one of the 195 countries around the world.

Does WELLTHY offer Corporate or group pricing?

Yes, WELLTHY offers Corporate and group pricing via our WELLTHY Collective Plans.  Reach out to us on our contact page for more details.

What is the WELLTHY Ultimate Membership?

Want it all?  Who doesn’t, right?  Ultimate Wellthy Members get access to Everything we offer…yep, you can get it all.  Coming soon!

How do I get an invitation to the Px3 Inner Circle?

If you have to ask, you’re not ready…sorry.  The only way to get an invitation is to first become an Ultimate Wellthy Member and then you’ll be evaluated to join the Px3 Inner Circle.  

How do I purchase WELLTHY as a Gift?

Wellthy membership can be purchased for yourself or for any of your friends, family or colleagues.  Simply make your purchase and note the name and email of the person to receive the gift during the  purchase.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes.  We want you to love WELLTHY and if for whatever reason you don’t, it’s okay.  You can feel free to cancel at any time but we hope you don’t.

How do I become an instructor at WELLTHY?

We are grateful for your interest to join the WELLTHY Instructor team.  The first step is to join and become a member.  Once you’ve done that, please reach out to us on our Contact Us page and someone from our leadership team will reach out to you regarding instructing at WELLTHY.  Thank you!


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