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Free Education:

At WELLTHY, we always provide opportunities for you to learn for free and our FREE membership below will get you access to complimentary webinars, workshops, masterclasses and other courses so that you can get started with our learning platform.

You will see below that we have two main types of training: science and business.  Scroll down to see what we have to offer and if you’d like to get started for free, please join our FREE membership to get instant access to some of our most important educational resources.

Wellthy online training courses

Advanced Courses:

Learn through a deep dive about specific wellness, health and longevity topics for yourself personally or for your clients and patients.  Our educators will guide you through the maze of science, medical and business topics to keep you moving on your wellness journey.

Some of our Advanced Courses:

Essential Oils for Immunity

The Human Virome

Vision Board Virtual Summit

Cannabinoid Therapy Mastery

Mindfulness & Meditation Workshop

Longevity Supplementation


Wellness, Health & Longevity Fundamentals Courses

Science, Medical and Clinical Education

How to use Supplements for Longevity
Red light therapy for cellular health
The Human Virome
Essential oils for immunity course wellthy
Wellthy Vision Board Blueprint
how to improve sleep and recovery course wellthy
how to reduce anxiety and stress course wellthy
intermittent fasting for longevity wellthy course

Coming Soon!

CBD Training Academy Newly Discovered Cannabinoids Course
How to transform your life with weight loss

Coming Soon!

How to Improve Sexual Health with CBD Wellthy
Px3 Peak Performance Priming for Success

Coming Soon!

Wellness Business, Marketing and Sales Courses

Grow your wellness business today

wellness social media marketing course wellthy
wellness sales team building course wellthy
wellness lead generation course wellthy
wellness financial management course wellthy
wellness email marketing course wellthy
Wellthy membership


There’s no better way to SAVE than with a

WELLTHY Membership plan!


Save money and get access to the latest scientific, medical, and business information to accelerate your learning about wellness, health & longevity. You’ll get instant access to some of our foundational training as well as new courses delivered to you on a monthly basis. Try our Membership RISK-FREE with our 7-day Money Back Guarantee!

Inner Circle Wellthy Mastermind business accelerator

Inner Circle Business Accelerator & Mastermind

You are a Leader in the wellness industry…founder, CEO, VP, Solopreneur, Sales and Marketing or just starting out.
You need to Stand Out, Sell More, Develop a Compelling Brand, Get More Clients, Keep Clients Longer
The Inner Circle Marketing Mastermind is our most comprehensive solution for Entrepreneurs that are VERY serious about starting or growing their wellness business. It provides members with a balance of both strategic and tactical business guidance, with weekly support and attention from our team of All-Star wellness, health & longevity experts.

Become a WELLTHY Educator!

Interested in getting in front of over 10,000 Wellness Industry players?

Apply to speak to WELLTHY’S 5000+ Alumni plus an additional 5000 WELLTHY Stakeholders!  Share your  Industry or Wellness expertise with more than 10,000 retailers, doctors/nurses/wellness pros and other industry leaders.

Are you a leader in your industry? Have you written a book you’d like to talk about?* (*or contact us if you’d like help writing a book), are you a medical or wellness specialist? Do you have a business that targets wellness companies? IF SO, contact us so we can talk about what kind of a class, workshop or webinar would be right for you.

Here are Some of our Expert Instructors & Speakers

Charlie Piermarini Wellthy Educator

Charlie Piermarini, PA-C, MSPAS, MS, MPH

Charlie Piermarini graduated from Touro University of California where he completed a dual Master’s of Science in Physician Assistant Science (MSPAS) and Public Health (MPH) in 2015. He practiced family medicine, urgent care, and then moved into pain management in Arizona. He also is the founder and CEO of Restorative Care of Arizona, which is a patient-centric wellness clinic in Phoenix, Arizona specializing in personalized medicine and taking care of the whole patient.

After seeing many of his pain patients achieve great results with CBD, but some of them having THC in their drug screenings- he started to research CBD and the ECS.

Rick Diamond Wellthy founder

Rick Diamond

Rick Diamond is the Founder of WELLTHY where he works with an amazing team of educators focused on teaching Health & Wealth.  Wellthy, like the CBD Training Academy is part of Icann Ventures.  He has been the CEO of 3 healthcare tech startups and was cofounder and CEO of a leading training company that he built and sold. He is also an advisor to many wellness startups through the Founders Accelerator Program. The mission of WELLTHY is to train 10,000 Wellness Professionals and to help 100 million people around the world to improve their health and wellness through the company’s educational platform.

Denise Riley Wellthy vision board expert

Denise Riley

Denise Riley is the founder and CEO of The Core Empowerment, where she leads a team that is committed to the expansion and success of entrepreneurs around the world.  They help develop the habits to bring business leaders happiness and success in life and business.  Pulling all her experiences together and seeing a critical need across several different networks, she developed and hosts vision board workshops through her online platform. Denise has her own 7-Step Method with interactive exercises and components that ensure that her clients achieve their goals and vision.  She also is a member of the faculty at Icann Wellness, the leader in education about peak performance.  After getting her Cosmetology license and working at a high-end spa and then a full-service salon, Ms. Riley started and ran her own successful salon.  While running her salon, she also developed and launched an innovative eye-lash training course offered both online and in person.